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WORK WHEELS New Model Release!!!

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All new WORK VS-FX.  This is the latest addition to our VS Series.  The VS-FX is a true 3 piece modular design, utilizing the latest casting technology and barrel forming.  The new VS-FX design is classic, elegant, sophistication and timeless.  The 10 spokes design offers great amount of strength and durability over long period of time, this is a style that will out survive many other wheel design on the market.  VS-FX has wide range of 20″ width and offsets.  Three types of center disk for BBK or Maximum lip setup.  Custom 5 Lugs bolt pattern options, this cover wide range of vehicles, from Japanese, European and Domestic vehicle applications.  Three standard colors to choose from.  Optional colors available.  Each VS-FX include VS center cap and valve stem.  For more detail on VS-FX, please contact us.


SSR Limited Edition T-shirt – SSR Timeline

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These limited edition t-shirts show previous manufactured wheels by SSR on the front and a unique timeline of popular wheels on the back.

Color(s) Available: White
Sizes Available: S, M, L, XL, XXL

Available now at C2 Auto.  $25.00.  Send paypal to: and dont forget to mention your size.

Greddy’s new SE Exhaust System for the EVO X

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Today’s sophisticated tuners want it all, and GReddy’s SE exhaust systems deliver the full spectrum of features desired in a street performance system. SE exhausts increase flow via tuned piping and larger, free-flowing mufflers for improved power, but provide discreet sound levels that won’t attract the wrong kind of attention. The exhaust note is comfortable and sporty, not loud.  Each application is tested and tuned for USA spec. vehicles, so fitment and sound is confirmed.   All SE Exhaust are test to be well below the 95dBA standard.  Our new smaller Spectrum exhaust tip(s) help disguise the system from the rear of the vehicle, but reveal show-quality appearance from the side and underneath. Whether you are cruising down the road or at wide-open throttle down the track, the Spectrum Elite is ready. Refined sound. Hard-hitting power.   Superb looks.  Excellent fitment.  GReddy quality.  – A true Sports Exhaust.

We’re authorized dealer for Greddy Performance parts so if you have any inquiries just email us at



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HKS + GT-R = The Ultimate Driving Performance Formula For 4 Generations.
HKS USA, Inc., celebrating its 35th year as the premier manufacturer and supplier of automotive performance systems and parts, is proud to announce the product release for the 2009 Nissan GT-R.

      Nissan GT-R R35 parts that will be available through Authorized HKS Dealers and Pro Dealers:

    •  GT570 Racing Package

    •  Legamax Premium Muffler

    •  Super SQV – Sequential Blow-off Valve Kit

    •  Hipermax III Sport

    •  Super Hybrid Filter

    •  Super Fire Racing Spark Plugs

 Products that are currently under development is the Racing Suction Kit Reloaded.
 Product release dates and availability will be updated once they are available.

Source: HKS USA


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We have some GOLD wheels here waiting for our customers to pick it up.  Left are ROTA’s 18×9.5 for an 06 WRX.  Right are Work Emotion CR-Kais 17×9 +17 powder coated gold w/ clear finish.

Closer look of the Work CR Kai.

– c2

Nissan answers back

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The GT-R/911 schoolyard scuffuffle continues, with Nissan looking at Porsche’s test and basically saying “yer doin it wrong” to the German automaker. Chief engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno has graciously offered remedial driving classes to the driver for Porsche’s lapping session where a GT-R was reportedly 25 seconds off Nissan’s torrid time of 7 minutes, 29 seconds. Porsche had concluded that special tires must have been quietly fitted in a quest for ‘Ring primacy. Porsche has yet to say anything other than “Ve don’t sink zee car can do it in schtock form.”

Not so, says Nissan. While a claim to the fastest production car on the Nürburgring might help prospective customers froth up some money, and owners are unlikely to try verifying the claim, Nissan is not interested in wasting time on one-offs, according to Mizuno. “For us, testing the car in standard production specification is far more relevant”, says the engineer. The very tires that carried driver Toshio Suzuki on the 7:29 run are in the hands of Sumitomo, and Nissan would encourage interested parties to STFU and go look at the rolling stock. It seems Nissan thinks Porsche needs a little help figuring out the GT-R, to which the company will be happy to help. “We are aware that several automakers have purchased the GT-R for their own testing and evaluation,” Nissan says in its most recent rebuttal, “we would welcome the opportunity to help any auto manufacturer with understanding the full capabilities of the GT-R.”

Source: autoblog

Porsche questions GT-R Ring Claim

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Porsche has accused Nissan of cheating in the GT-R’s record bid at the Nurburgring racetrack.

Porsche has just run its own back-to-back tests with the Japanese company’s GT-R supercar and says it could not get within 25 seconds of Nissan’s claimed record time of seven minutes 29 seconds in April.

It also found its 911 Turbo and GT2 were both quicker than the GT-R.

“This wonder car with 7:29 could not have been a regular series production car,” says August Achleitner, the 911 product chief for Porsche, speaking to the CARSguide at the Australian press preview of the latest 911 Cabrio.

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