Bride, not Bride

Just want to let you guys know that  BRIDE is pronounced BRID like GRID, NOT BRIDE(Bride and Groom).  Now thats its out of our system.  I went there today to pick up some stuff, and found some interesting seats….

These are the CUGA and the GIAS seats, why does it have weird looking seat covers??  THose seat covers are Kimono silk fabrics.  Yes theyre REAL SILK.  They brought in ONLY 3 in the US, one’s already sold and the other 2… well its pictured here.

close up…

Some of the other display seats they have( 1 of them will be mine soon.)

From left to right:  Limited Edition Bride Seat, Cuga, Gias Maziora

Mr Shino… he’s not picking his nose, he was throwing the “PEACE” sign its just happens to be in a good angle LOL.

Mr Bun Bun… Lot USA(Bride) President.  Been dealing with him for 7 years now…

stay tune for the next adventure LOL…

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