“The Pursuit” Toyota SpeedWay @ Irwindale this Sunday

There are two Toyota related car-meets are held in Los Angles area on this coming Sunday.

5ZIGEN USA is going to participate in following two events on Sunday September 27.

Sunday morning, we will be at Toyota Speedway in Irwindale for “The Pursuit” – Lexus owners meeting hosted by Club Lexus of Southern California. It sounds this is not just a meeting. “The Pursuit” includes a lot of fun; left Lexus only 1/8th mile drag race – All Day Unlimited Runs

Raffle Prizes (Lexus owners only)

Food provided by In-N-Out Burger (Registration required)

Music, models and lots of fun……


5ZIGEN USA and BOMEX USA will have a booth together in this show. The popular MEGA mufflers, 5ZIGEN wheels and D-Euro 22-inch wheel for LS460 will be displayed. BOMEX will display their VIP style UCF10 LS400.

← Dolce Euro 22-inch for Lexus – 5ZIGEN USA exclusively distributes them in the USA.


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