**NEW** WORK WHEELS Emotion 11R-FT + CRAG SK-5 Release

For more information, read on…

Just added to the Emotion series, WORK has released a NEW version of WORK Emotion 11R, the WORK EMOTION 11R-FT. This new wheel utlizes WORK Flowforming Technology, also known as spun forming here in the U.S.

The key benefit for flow forming is able to reduce the barrel thickness, thus reducing the weight of the wheel without compromising the strength of the rim barrel. The 11R-FT is a good choice for motorsports racing use or at area where there are smoother roads.

Unlike our competitors’ flow forming wheels, WORK flow forming wheels start with low-pressure cast construction, whereas some of our competitors use lower quality gravity casting. Low-pressure cast construction has a denser material property over gravity cast wheels, thus allowing a greater strength advantage over gravity cast with flow-forming barrel.

Application available for both front wheel, rear wheel and all wheel drive vehicles. Depending on size and offset, the Emotion 11R-FT is available with semi-concave or deep concave face. Some specs are BBK friendly.

Sizing is available in 18″ applications from 8.0″ through 9.5″ widths, for both Japanese (5×100 / 5×114.3) and European bolt patterns (5×120). Colors available are Black Rim Cut (BLKRC) Finish & GT Silver (GTS) Finish.

Much like the motorsports enthusiasts, the truck guys also wanted the piece of the WORK Wheels action, and here it is!

The Crag SK5 is the latest addition to the Crag series of wheels. The 20″ split five spoke design comes in various finishes, and in 6×139.7 PCD for many trucks and SUV’s.

These wheels are strong and durable, along with being JWL-T certified with a weight capacity of 2139 lbs. ea (955kg).


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