I bought a Honda Ruckus so that I can tinker it besides the cars since I started to get bored.  After a while, I got bored with it so ended up selling it to a friend.  Anyway, long story short, I ended up getting another ruck and now is stripped to pieces undergoing some major surgery.  Stay tuned.

I actually got the wheels first. Don’t ask me why LOL!

A week later, I picked up this Ruck down the street.

Then one weekend for about 1.5 hours later….

Here’s what evers left that I’ll need once I bring it back to life….

The GY6 awaits….

Then we wrapped our stock seat with Bride Fabric….

Got an ATR Shock. Its black and white since i might have plans about changing the color…

Mounted some Avon Viper Strykes (140/70/12). Yes its hella stretched.

Wheel, rear frame, and the gy6 motor was dropped off to get some custom mounts done…

In teh meantime, picked up a JDM Dio front wheels with Pirelli 90//90/10 ‘s mounted. ALso picked up a cheap CVT cover from the forums. THen, installed our very own Type 1 Handle bars.

Test fitted the chrome CVT cover and took out all the plastics.

NEW C2A GY6 hub


C2 Custom 1pc Gy6 Frame/KN Low Down Forks/S-Line 10×3.25 front wheel


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