Lamborghini and Callaway Golf has teamed up to came up with “carbon fiber forged composite”. Layers of carbon, stamped, then pressed into shape.

Sesto Elemento, or “Sixth Element”, debut in a car show in Paris sporting the carbon fiber forged composite body. The car is RAW and its mean. If you look at the body lines, it looks like it can actually slice air. With a V-10 570HP engine, and with a staggering weight loss of almost 800, the car weighs 2200 just like a Mazda Miata.

Here’s the best view of the car, THE REAR. As much as it looks like there’s some missing panels, that’s actually beauty of it. It shows how much detail they put in the car: the skinny tail lights, the exhaust and the spoiler, and the RED gear box.

The Sixth Element Lamborghini is an over all angry car. The Aesthetics is probably to much for some dudes, but you have to see the car as a whole. Design and technology keeps moving forward and we’ll see more futuristic looking cars, more carbon fiber, and a whole crap load of cool things. Embrace it.

– photos courtesy of autoblog


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